Playground – Photo filter effects with Photoshop Gradients

I was recently creating album art for the BBC radio series “Cabin Pressure” (here are the final covers). I realized that the end result looked a lot like the filters in Instagram/effects in some Android camera apps. It is actually quite easy to get the end result and trust me there is no right/wrong way to do this.


2 Step Easy Filter
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  • Take an image of your choice and open it in Photoshop
  • Create a new layer above this and give it a nice gradient. In our example, I have given a light green (#8fd042) to dark green (#4f951f) circular gradient
  • Reduce opacity to 50% and change layer blending to “Darken”
  • Create one more layer above this and give it another gradient. I have used a circular gradient with blues (#4f7abc -> #74edf1) with the center of the gradient focused on the statue of the fish.
  • Change layer blending to “Divide”
  • Presto! You now have some cool effects on your photo. Play around with Layer blending options, Opacity and different color gradients to create cool effects

Show off your outputs in the comments section below!

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