Enable email draft deletion in Outlook

At work, I often work from different machines and some of them are cocooned behind different networks. This makes it quite difficult to pick up things like reviewing a document or preparing a list. The one constant feature across is being able to use Outlook to access company emails. Rather than emailing the work-in-progress documents to myself, I save them as drafts.

Bloated Drafts FolderIn the end, I usually end up with a bloated Drafts folder and I deeply missed being able to delete a draft directly from the compose window. I thought I had to fix the problem by customizing outlook forms and almost began searching where to start on Google, when I realized I should probably look at customizing the ribbon.

  • Begin composing a new Mail, click on File and choose Options
  • In the next pop-up, select Customize Ribbon
  • There will be two listboxes. In the first one on the left, change the Choose commands from to All Commands
  • In the right side, the drop down Customize the Ribbon would be Main Tabs. The space below would show New Mail Message. Click on the text to select it (don’t click on the checkbox).
  • Click on the New Group. A new entry New Group (custom) will show at the bottom of the list
  • Click on the Rename button and change the display name to anything of your choice. I named it Action and for good measure, selected an icon with a cross in it
  • Now, back to the list on the left. Scroll till you see Delete, it will be between a couple of other delete actions that pertain to tables. Select it and click on the Add >> button.
  • You can now see Delete under your custom group
  • Click on Ok and you are good to go

Here is the final result.

Delete Action added to Ribbon Tab

You can use this method to add any existing action to your ribbon tabs without having to customize forms. The actions remain even after you reopen Outlook.

PS: You will have to do this in each instance of Outlook you run, i.e. across workstations

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