Licenses applicable to Code/Snippets

All code available/shown in this site are under the GPL license. You are free to modify/reuse the code as per your requirements/needs. The author(s) have taken appropriate steps to test and validate the code to ensure that it works as stated/required. Most of the code/tools shown here are being used regularly by a decent group of people and any issues reported are reolved in a resonable time frame. However, you must understand that there could be scenarios which may cause the code to be behave unexpectedly. This may cause issues with your data/system for which, we (the authors/contributors), cannot take responsibility or liability for.

By downloading/using the code, you absolve us of all liability for any issues that arise directly/indirectly from the usage of the code. If you notice any abnormal behavior or unexpected results, please add a comment in the respective page and we will take suitable action (even to the point of stopping all further downloads for the said code/utility).

Licenses applicable to Digital Media/Designs

All images/designs available for download are released under the Creative Commons Attributions-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA) (unless stated otherwise). You can read the summary of the license at the Creative Commons page. All images used as part of themes/the site design are not covered under this license and come under the licenses stated by the original authors.

In some instances, the site may link to content provided by other authors. Please respect the license terms set by the respective authors.

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