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At TheCodeIsClear, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional services to meet your requirements.

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We develop tools and code-snippets to make your life easier. From mainframe utilities to web plugins, the entire gamut of code is right here.

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Be it wallpapers and icons or posters and t-shirts, we cater to designing unique content for you.

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A magician never reveals his secret, but this is no trick. We take you behind the scenes and show how things are done.

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Mar 0

Enable email draft deletion in Outlook

Want to delete a draft which you created in Outlook. With just a few clicks, include a delete button for new messages.

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Mar 0
Mar 0

Download editable vector badges in Photoshop

A set of 9 badges for use in websites, banners and posters. Download the original scalable PSD that can be edited in Photoshop

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Feb 0
Feb 0

[WordPress Plugin] – The WP Wingman

Quick fun wordpress plugin that shows articles from the Bro Code by Barney Stinson in the Admin Dashboard.

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Jan 0
Jan 0

Many needles in a haystack – The excel solution

What do you do when you have to search for many items in an excel sheet. Stop the Ctrl+C, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+V cycle and code your own nifty excel macro.

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